Eddie Hale

Teaches Graphic Design at Western

About Ed

I graduated from this fine school in 1991 and went to work at WinCraft in Winona, Minnesota, where I worked mostly as an illustrator. I also learned much about pre-press as it relates to screen printing.

Not long after graduation I was hired by Ovation Marketing Incorporated, in La Crosse, Wisconsin. I began as a production artist creating catalog pages in QuarkXPress, following the designs of senior designers. I did a lot of illustrations in Adobe Illustrator, which was super fun. I became a senior designer, designing catalogs and advertisements. I did photo art direction. I also sat by a window on the sixth floor and generally enjoyed going to work every day.

Around 1993, I returned to school at UW-Stout in Menomonie, Wisconsin, to get my teaching degree.

After getting my teaching my degree, I went to work at Crescent Printing Company in Onalaska, Wisconsin where I worked in pre-press and learned very much about off-set lithographic printing. I remember my boss yelling at me often for forgetting to burn registration marks on the printing plates. He loved me.

In 1998, I got a job at Western Technical College. During my time at Western I have taught Adobe Illustrator, Drawing, HTML, Illustration Concepts, Photoshop, Publication Design and Web Design.

When I am not guiding the learning of young graphic designers, I am either hanging out with my many children or riding one of my many bicycles.

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